#led flood light for football field

Buy led flood light for football field from Shenzhen Riyueguanghua. Shenzhen Riyueguanghua is your reliable supplier for led flood light for football field since 2013.

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  • 400w led flood light500w led flood light

    511&512 LED Stadium Lights

    RYGH 511&512 LED Stadium Lights Features: 400W | 500W | 600W
    800W | 1000W | 1200W    |   100-120lm/w
    CREE XTE: 15° | 30° | 60° | 90° |140*70°
    CREE XHP50:  17° | 24° | 36° | 60°

    1, Self research, professional lighting design and heat sink design, good heat dissipation

    2, Protect human eyes, centralize the light and reduce light loss

    3, Anti-collision net to protect the glass from football or rocks

    4, Multiple beam angles optional

    5, Reflectors for CREE XHP50, and lens for CREE XTE chips

    6, C type clips to make it IP67 on water proof rate

    7, AL-6063-T5 Aviation aluminum heat sink, great heat dissipation and anti-corrosion

    8, Humanized design, easy to use

    9, 5mm thickness tempered glass, super clear

    10, Strong light penetration and long lighting distance

    11, Working voltage: AC 85-305V, 50/60Hz / AC 347-480V, 50/60Hz