#canopy light fixtures gas station

Canopy light fixtures gas station

Lighting can make or break stations. If the lighting is not bright and does not please customers, they may drive past your location to your competitors. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice for your business when looking for the right gas station roof lighting application.

Select the highest lumen output in the solution. Although this seems obvious, some business owners will choose a more cost-effective early stage, such as inductive lighting, rather than the one with higher early cost but higher lumen output. You want a lighting product that makes your roof stand out and attractive on the highway, so invest wisely in your business area.

White lighting is better than yellow lighting. Due to sodium lamp, yellow light used to be the norm, but white light is more attractive. It is easier for the eyes, produces less shadows, and makes the area look safer. Yellow lights often give people an objectionable and dark atmosphere, which customers will try to avoid.

Choose an embedded installation solution. Although gas station roof lighting was once mainly provided in suspended fixtures, there are more options than before. With embedded installation, you can create a streamlined appearance that satisfies customers, while helping to eliminate dazzling shadows and glare.

In the long run, LEDs can save you money. They provide the best lumen output per watt of energy consumed. They are also very durable in light bulbs. Many options last more than 100000 hours, which is a good solution for areas where light is often running.

Install the timer. Timer is a wise choice for gas station lighting, especially for places with late business hours or 24 hours. When the sun rises and the demand for artificial lighting decreases, having a timer ensures that you never turn on the lights when you don’t need them. Employees often forget to turn off the lights as needed, but the timer completely eliminates this problem.

Consider transformation. If you are not opening a new location, but want to update to a more efficient location, you can use many retrofit kits. Using fluorescent lamps and converting them into energy-saving LED technology has never been so simple.

The most important thing is to find the right lighting to meet the customer’s expectations and your expectations for a value for money budget friendly investment. Considering these factors and a little patience, you will find a lighting solution suitable for your business.

  • 2G LED Canopy Light

    2G LED Canopy Light Features: 60W-150W
    Light efficiency: 120-180lm/w

    1, Durable, low-cost, and power flood illumination.

    2, High light output from compact form, which produces a brilliant flood beam with low heat, low energy costs.

    3, Aluminum housing and feature LED bulbs with an IP65 rating – which makes them extremely resistant to the damaging effects of outdoor environments.

    4, Can be used in gas stations, low and high ceilings and garages, which include quick hand mount units with emergency battery backups optional and vandal resistant units.

    5, Uilt with rugged housing like polycarbonate lenses and die-cast aluminum which can withstand the harsh outdoor elements and the potential rough abuse or tampering in public areas.

    6, Direct replacement for traditional halide fixtures.

    7, With day/night photocell optional, which enables the canopy lights to turn on automatically when the conditions of nighttime lighting are detected, saving the costs of energy.

    8, Require little maintenance due to the sturdy fixtures and LED technology.