#90 watt led street light

Get 90 watt led street light from Shenzhen Riyueguanghua for your projects. RYGH Tech is your best 90 watt led street light manufacturer.

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  • national lighting highwayled street light with photocell

    8G LED Street Light

    8G Led Street Light features:25W | 50W | 60W | 80W
    100W | 120W | 150W

    1, Patent private mould, integrated die-casting AL.

    2, High efficiency, 130-170lm/w available.

    3, Professional glare-free lens, 60°/90°/120°/T2M/T3M/T4M.

    4, 0-10V dimming/time control/light sensor/IOT control available.

    5, Flat honeycomb design, good heat dissipation.

    6, Gradienter design: easy for horizontal installation.

    7, Snap-on type installation, tool-free disassembly

    8, Tempered glass panel, no glue fixed

    9, IP66