#solar street light with lithium ion battery

  • PAD Integrated Solar led street light

    PAD Solar Led Street Light Features: 30W | 40W | 50W | 60W
    80W | 100W | 120W |   170lm/w

    1.New Lifepo4 battery, mono solar panel 18V, original Bridgelux 3030 chips.

    2.Use High end die-cast aluminum forming, with high-end, atmosphere, andic oxidation treatment design appearance, Impact and high temperature resistance, excellent corrosion resistance.

    3.With Intelligent power regulation, automatic judgment of weather, reasonable planning of discharge discipline.

    4.With intelligent remote control, UVA technology,long distance remote control, Wearable obstacle, have 4 modes lighting mode for choose, adjust brightness function and so on.

    5.With intelligent discharge management, Charge and discharge soft and hard dual protection and intelligent equalization technology, deep cycle more than 2000 times.

    6.For total lamp can reach 170LM/W, More than twice the average brightness of ordinary LED sources, view angle is 140 degree, lighting more area.

    7.With IP65 waterproof IP grade, can work in water in a short time.

    8.Very easy disassemble, install and transportation.

    9.Put solar panel,led chip, charge controller and battery are in one box, professional industrial design team design.