#solar street light integrated

  • N Series Solar led street light

    N Series Solar Led Street Light Features: 4000lm | 5000lm | 6000lm
    8000lm | 10000lm | 12000lm 

    1.New Lifepo4 battery, mono solar panel 18V, original Bridgelux 5050 chips.

    2.Colorful flashlight on lamp as decoration lamp, can turn on / off this function at will.

    3.Solar panel separated, installation directions and the capacity of solar panel can change at will.

    4.Stable microwave sensor, longer detect distance

    5.140°wide lighting angle, bring same lighting results with shorter pole

    6.Easier to maintenance than other model, change battery just need 1 min.

    7.Constant current discharge stable lighting + Night sensor + Microwave motion sensor + Time Controller(6,8,10,12hrs for choose)+ Remoter.

    8.Best Materials- Aluminum alloy and outdoor PC + Thick leaf heat sink + complete-plate-made support= Strong + Best Heat dissipation.