#led tunnel lamp

Buy led tunnel lamp from Shenzhen Riyueguanghua. Shenzhen Riyueguanghua is your reliable supplier for led tunnel lamp since 2013. We can provide led tunnel lamp with good quality/high lumen/multi beam angles/sample available/product customization/fast delivery/long warranty/good after-sales service.

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  • 300 watt 360 watt led tunnel light50 watt 60 watt led tunnel lights

    H LED Tunnel Light

    H LED Tunnel Light Features: 60W | 120W | 180W | 240W | 300W | 360W

    1, High efficiency, 110-160lm/w available

    2, Beam angle 30/60/90/60*120/30*70 degrees

    3, die-casting aluminum modules, max 360W

    4, Good heat dissipation, long lifespan

    5, surface coating process

    6, Protection index: IP66