#led parking lot fixtures

Buy led parking lot fixtures from Shenzhen Riyueguanghua. Shenzhen Riyueguanghua is your reliable supplier for led parking lot fixtures since 2013. We can provide led parking lot fixtures with good quality/high lumen/high CRI/multi beam angles/fast delivery/good after sales service/product customization/sample available.

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  • led shoebox light fixture200w led parking lot lights

    1G Shoebox Led Street Light

    1G Series Shoebox Led Street Light Features: 100W | 150W | 200W | 300W

    1, Integrated die-casting AL

    2, High efficiency, 130lm/w

    3, Professional glare-free lens, TYPE3/TYPE4/TYPE5 available

    4, 0-10V dimming/time control/light sensor/IOT control available

    5, Bat wing light shape

    6, Various applications: street light,shoe box light, projector,etc.