#celtic park lights

They may have been long gone, but the floodlights have etched themselves in the minds of old supporters in their own way.

For those who were supporters and visitors to Celtic Park before the reorganization in the mid-90s, the Celtic floodlights are a sight to behold. As you approach the ground from a distance, the first signals you see are those towering floodlights. They stand out and in their own way become emblems or emblems of football stadiums all over the world.

Floodlights are a big part of the memory of attending big night races. For those coming from Lanarkshire, for example, when they get to the bend of London Road and Cemetery, they are there…glorious…they always look like they’re shining through the fog. magical

If you look back at some old matchday photos, you’ll even sometimes see “fearless” fans climbing the floodlights and sitting on the railings to watch the game from a height. You’ll also see some crazy nostalgic tales of fans climbing the floodlights and hanging their scarves as high as possible. Dangerous days.

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