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Get cast iron lamp post from Shenzhen Riyueguanghua. Shenzhen Riyueguanghua is your reliable cast iron lamp post manufacturer.

High quality cast iron lamp post made by Shenzhen Riyueguanghua. Shenzhen Riyueguanghua is your trustable manufacturers of OEM and ODM lamp columns. Our cast iron lamp post parts vary in style and design. They are mainly made of cast iron and aluminum and can be customized to suit every urban decoration.

Lamp post is an essential item in lighting system. Street light poles illuminate visibility, safety and security at night. It is also a common item for landscape decoration.

cast iron lamp post is one of the core products of Shenzhen Riyueguanghua. Our cast iron lamp pole is famous for its fashionable design, excellent quality and competitive price.

Visit our casting product category page for product details. There are a lot of casting lamps to choose from, and you will find your taste. Request a formal quote on each project page for details and transportation costs to your location. In addition, please contact us for your OEM and ODM requests.

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  • barn post lightpost general led

    1007 LED Garden Light

    1007 LED Garden Light Features:

    1, Available from 30W-60W

    2, Excellent heat radiation, optical and electrical ability

    3, Die-cast aluminum body with tempered clear glass

    5, Silicon rubber seal ring

    6, Stainless screws

    7, Humanized design concept, easy to install and maintain

    8, IP65

    9, Multiple beam angles

    10, Mount diameter: 76mm