#bright outdoor light

Use all kinds of outdoor lights to create an atmosphere and keep your home safe.

Light up your yard, lawn or outdoor area with RYGH’s selected bright outdoor light products.

RYGH makes outdoor lighting simple and economical, suitable for enterprises and other industries.

Will the outdoor lights be too bright?

If the light bulbs are too cold, they may look harsh.

No matter how strong the light is (in watts), soft white is a very comfortable temperature for outdoor use. The color of sunlight in the home can also make the room unattractive or basically too bright.

For architectural elements – such as stone carvings, decorative rocks, statues, fountains and pavilions – you will want to use warm white lighting. This is in the range of 25000k-2700k. The warm white light gives your landscape architecture a warm and attractive feeling, creating a warm front yard and a relaxed backyard.

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    1008A LED Garden Light

    1008A LED Garden Light Features:

    1, Available from 25W-60W

    2, Excellent heat radiation, optical and electrical ability

    3, Die-cast aluminum body with PC lens

    5, Silicon rubber seal ring

    6, Stainless screws

    7, Humanized design concept, easy to install and maintain

    8, IP65

    9, 143.71° degree beam angles

    10, Mount diameter: 60mm