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Want to find best solar street light manufacturer? Shenzhen Riyueguanghua is your best solar street light manufacturer.

Best solar street light manufacturer Description:

Best solar street light manufacturer use high efficiency mono solar panel, intelligent MPPT charge controller,deep cycle long life LifePO4 battery, high lumen led bridgelux 3030 led chip all in one box,easy to install and transportation.

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  • Bifacial Integrated Solar led street light

    Bifacial Integrated Solar Led Street Light Features:5100lm | 6800lm | 10200lm
    13600lm | 17000lm | 20400lm

    1. 100% Power Draw
    2. 170lm/w
    3. Bifacial Solar Panel, Charging efficiency increased 20%
    4. Wide Batwing beam angle, professional light distribution
    5. 100% New A1 level LifePO4 lithium Battery, Not second-hand battery
    6. The angle of LED modular and solar panel can be adjusted separately.
  • hykon solar street light replacementmazda solar street light replacement

    Flying Integrated Solar led street light

    Flying Integrated Solar Led Street Light Features:6800lm | 8500lm | 10200lm
    13600lm | 17000lm | 20400lm

    1.New Lifepo4 battery, mono solar panel 18V, original Bridgelux 3030 chips.

    2.Lighting mode use intelligence radar senor,sensor long distance.

    3.140° view angle,lighting more area.

    4..Easy to install,maintenance, Auto on/off

    5.With remote control,UVA technology,bring high corrosion resistance,30m remote control operation,4 lighting mode.

    6.High class Integrated die-casting Aluminum alloy case.