#all in one solar street courtyard light

Get all in one solar street courtyard light from Shenzhen Riyueguanghua for your projects. RYGH Tech is your best all in one solar street courtyard light manufacturer.

  • N Series Solar led street light

    N Series Solar Led Street Light Features: 4000lm | 5000lm | 6000lm
    8000lm | 10000lm | 12000lm 

    1.New Lifepo4 battery, mono solar panel 18V, original Bridgelux 5050 chips.

    2.Colorful flashlight on lamp as decoration lamp, can turn on / off this function at will.

    3.Solar panel separated, installation directions and the capacity of solar panel can change at will.

    4.Stable microwave sensor, longer detect distance

    5.140°wide lighting angle, bring same lighting results with shorter pole

    6.Easier to maintenance than other model, change battery just need 1 min.

    7.Constant current discharge stable lighting + Night sensor + Microwave motion sensor + Time Controller(6,8,10,12hrs for choose)+ Remoter.

    8.Best Materials- Aluminum alloy and outdoor PC + Thick leaf heat sink + complete-plate-made support= Strong + Best Heat dissipation.