#220w led high bay

Get 220w led high bay from Shenzhen Riyueguanghua for your projects. RYGH Tech is your reliable 220w led high bay manufacturer.

220w led high bay Features: 100W | 150W | 200W | 240W | 300W

1, The product is designed based on anti glare treatment inside;

2, High efficiency: 120-180lm/w, with 60, 90, 120, 140 degree beam angles optional;

3, Integrated die casting heat dissipation. The heat dissipation material is ADC12 Aluminum, with small volume, light weight, uniform heat dissipation and temperature rise of only 35 degrees; The surface is sprayed to ensure that the lamps will never corrode and rust in humid, high temperature and other harsh environments;

4, High power factor and high efficiency outdoor waterproof power supply drive are adopted, and the key components are world brands to ensure the service life of lamps;

5, The imported chip smd 3030 is used as the light source to achieve the advantages of low light attenuation, high light efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection;

6, Lifting rings are independently designed, with various installation methods such as hoisting and ceiling installation;

7, Aluminium anti-glare reflectors optional

220w led high bay Application:

220w led high bay can be widely applied in Warehouse, Factory, Workshop, Plant, Supermarket, Gas Station, Highway Toll Station, Food Factories, Livestock Farms etc.